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Meet Our Team

We are inspired to transform health and longevity in our community and beyond. We believe everyone deserves to be healthy and express their full potential from birth to the last phase of life.

We specialize in performance-based chiropractic care, regenerative Soft Wave Therapy, personal health and nutrition coaching, functional stability exercises, personal fitness training and massage therapy.

Our team is honored to support patients of all ages on this journey of “living our best lives every day”! We have created a positive and uplifting environment which supports the gifts of healing and transformation.

Our Chiropractic Family

Dr. Eileen and Dr. Terry Whelan are celebrating over 32 years of helping transform health and longevity in our community and beyond. After meeting in chiropractic school and newly married, we chose Orange, Virginia to build a chiropractic practice and raise our family. In 1989 we were just “kids” with a passion to share chiropractic care with our new community. We home birthed 2 healthy and happy children, McKenzie and Schuyler. They are both “chiro kids,” adjusted since birth and have grown up watching the power of chiropractic care help so many people. Our children, now amazing adults, have both chosen health and healing careers.

Our next generation Chiropractic Family is JUST getting started and we are on fire to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health and peak performance for a lifetime!

Dr. Eileen Whelan


I am a graduate of West Virginia University (1985) BA and Life University (1989) Doctor of Chiropractic. Since 1989, I have had the privilege of serving the greater Orange County and surrounding areas. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a trusted source for people in our community who are seeking drug free choices to increase their health and vitality as they discover their full health potential. My passion is working with my patients to create transformation in their health, strength, happiness, and longevity.

McKenzie Whelan

Soft Wave Therapist & Functional Nutrition Coach
McKenzie is a Certified Soft Wave Therapist, Functional Nutrition Coach and is pursuing her Health Coach certification. We are thrilled she is partnering with us here at Orange Chiropractic and Family Fitness. Through her own health journey, McKenzie has developed a passion for helping others experience the joy of optimum health. She believes everyone, given the right support and tools, has the power to live life to their full potential and make their health goals a reality.